Tieki Te Taiao o Te Takiwa – Environmental protection and restoration – Pānui 1

9 Pepuere 2015
Nga mihi o te wa ki a koe, koutou ko tou whanau

RE: Tieki Te Taiao o Te Takiwa – Environmental protection and restoration

Hikurangi Takiwa Trust (HTT) is a charitable trust supporting a collective of hapū Te Aitanga a Mate, Te Aowera and Te Whānau a Rakairoa. These hapu are affiliated to lands of the tributaries of the Mata River including Whakapaurangi, Hiruharama, Makarika, bound by Hikurangi inland and Whareponga at the coast. 10150654702126273

We are keen to support local landowners, lessees, whanau and marae with environmental protection initiatives to restore natural habitat, protect flora and fauna and improve biodiversity. We can support your conservation efforts through:
1. Developing a comprehensive assessment of the health of the land, water and biodiversity within our takiwa
2. Sharing and training tools and resources that support sustainable land & water management
3. Facilitating and coordinating technical and scientific expertise
4. Enabling habitat restoration through site and resource specific plans and seed collection and propogation to support eco-sourced replanting of sites
5. Some financial support for costs associated with conservation and restoration activities.
A range of events including hapū wānanga and community workshops will be convened to facilitate this kaupapa. A ‘State of the Takiwa” report will be produced identifying priority sites for restoration by October 2015. Protection and restoration action is the key focus from November 2015 onwards.

This project is supported by the Conservation Community Partnership Fund through Te Papa Atawhai (DOC) and their staff, Gisborne District Council, Nga Whenua Rahui, local experts and scientists and our local schools/ education providers.

If you would like to find out more please contact Pia Pohatu at pmcpohatu@gmail.com. 06 8648667 or 021 653341. You can also check out www.hikurangi.wordpress.com.

Naku noa na,
Pia Pohatu.
Trustee & Project Manager

Mātauranga Project Update – Feb 2015

Hikurangi Takiwā Trust is pleased to provide a progress update on a number of important projects for the hapū.

Freshwater scientist Murray Palmer shows Makarika School students how to monitor water quality at the Makatote Stream.

He Rautaki Matauranga mo Te Rohenga Tipuna O Hikurangi Takiwa is an initiative focused on mātauranga within the rohe undertaken as a partnership between Hikurangi Takiwā Trust, Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou and the Ministry of Education. The strategic plan for mātauranga within the hapū was developed in consultation with hapū members and educators over 2013 and 2014. Regular reviews are planned and the document driving an iterative process that will change over time as new learning occurs through the activities in the initiative.

Tia Neha is leading an archives project within the initiative that will identify and collate hapū taonga. Tia is responsible for scoping whanau and organisational repositories of/for hapu significant taonga including at least ten priority audio archives held by Radio Ngati Porou. She will lead the design and establishment of appropriate facilities to document and store taonga and references to taonga with relevant access, intellectual property, quality assurance, storage and retrieval protocols.

Ngarangi Walker is leading the Communications Strategy, Takiwa Profile and Marae Reader Sample aspects of the mātauranga initiative. Ngarangi is responsible for producing and publishing a six-page marae reader sample for nga pa tokoono o Hikurangi Takiwa. The elements of design and content will consider whakapapa, whenua, reo and common elements may include pepeha, historic and recent imagery from each pa.

Ngarangi is also developing a communications strategy for and with the Trust to enable nga uri o nga hapu o Hikurangi Takiwa to be informed, participate in information sharing and decision-making processes. The strategy will include a digital platform to support the purpose and aims of the Trust.

In addition to the above, Ngarangi and her team will design a survey and engagement plan with households and landowners within Hikurangi Takiwa, train interviewers/ enumerators and implement the survey within the rohe. She will disseminate research results from this survey.

Pia Pohatu is coordinating participation of the hapū in the northern half of Ngāti Porou in similar mātauranga development initiatives and a copy of the strategic plan for He Rautaki Matauranga mo Te Rohenga Tipuna O Hikurangi Takiwa is available from Pia (Email: pia@uritukuiho.org.nz).

TRONPnui Trustee Report – Feb 2015

TRONPnui Trustee Barry Soutar has provided the following report for the monthly Hikurangi Takiwā Hapū Collective​ hui scheduled for āpōpō…

– – –

Haere atu ra e te autaia ki runga ite Takapau-a-Maui, ki nga tihi tane/wahine e tu ana hai tohu whakamahara ki a Nehe ma. Whakapiri atu ki a ratau kua nunumi ra ki te rori ki Te Reinga.
E Api e kore ano e rangona i to reo Nati e mirirmiri ana ki te taringa. Kai te paheke to momo i nga wharua o Waiapu. Na reira Korou, haere atu ra!
My apologies, but having attended the tangi for the last three days I have had to return to Auckland for family and work. I had originally intended coming to Whareponga for the Cluster meeting and signalled Manu accordingly. Here is brief report on TRONP activities.

· This is election year and new trustee/directors for the parent board must be in place by October. Hence, the election process commences from April.

· With the passing of the Chair, it is likely that appointment within the board of a new chair will occur at the next meeting Tues 24th Feb. Our trust deed may not require us to immediately seek a replacement trustee from Rohenga 2. Such a requirement is likely to be redundant anyway since full elections are about to start.

· It is our collective responsibility to ensure that as many of our whanau are registered with TRONPnui for voting purposes. And we should also encourage the best of our skilled people to offer themselves for election. My plea to you all is to help ensure that the relative skill level on the board is increased for the next round to benefit Ngati Porou.

· Ngati Porou Holding Company – is on-track with delivery of the agreed dividend to the parent ($2,000,000 for the year ending June 2015). It has superseded earnings expectations over the last quarter, but warns us proper measurement should only apply across the full year as peaks and troughs in equity markets are well-understood to occur monthly. They also acknowledge the gap between the dividend versus the size of need in Ngati Porou and will work closely with the parent and Toitu to explore further options to leverage all opportunities to increase support.

· Each of the subsidiary business units (farms/forest/fish) have been undergoing some reviews against performance and a certain amount of re-organising of governance has taken place where appropriate to sharpen the business. Integrating all of these into a single business strategy taking account of the wider needs of Ngati Porou economic development and personnel development is the current challenge underway.

· Toitu – has exhausted its expenditure for the year and consequently has volunteered to reduce its board costs by 50% essentially reducing meetings to bi-monthly. 89% of its annual distributions have gone to marae grants. The remaining 10% was allocated to a range of smaller projects including: building a spoken reo archive; aligning a single Ngati Porou reo strategy from the existing multiple versions; C Company; marae coordinator; and a $30k contestable fund.

· Hauora – East Coast Health Review has determined that it is at a critical and difficult juncture in the process that won’t be easy to progress and therefore a more time is needed to develop, consider and undertake all options/steps to reach an agreed solution. Likely completion is August, 2015.

· A major project is underway to build a 5-year financial model in order to test whether there is a more efficient way of managing our money flows in order to increase benefit for the tribe. Of course, this is a very complex exercise and a range of skills have been appointed to assist us to complete this project.

· Nati Insure – for our marae’s was launched at the AGM.

· Single Procurement – has been coordinated to leverage the collective buying power of the various subsidiaries and associated entities.

· Website – stage one of the roll-out has been completed and KPI’s have been exceeded in engagement through social media, etc.

· Te Tini-o-Porou (ex DB Hotel) – development is underway to refurbish for the needs of the combined social services units. This is being financed by the rental savings of the units into the new facility with guarantees over tenure. A special contract structure created by TRONPnui enables Ngati Porou local contractors to participate in the build.

· Contracts – with Te Toka Consortium for carpentry training has been issued. A Whanau Ora EOI has also been submitted.

· Housing NZ stock – is being transferred. Some Ngati Porou tenants have applied for clearance to purchase and these have been granted on receipt.

· East Coast Drinking Water – TRONPnui has requested negotiation of the closure of this scheme under our Relationship Accord with Crown.

· Waka – Te Aio-o-Nukutaimemeha is to be relocated to Hinepare Marae as landlords have requested its removal from the current paddock in Rangitukia.

· Appointments – a number have been made to fill new roles in the organisations, including seeking a replacement director on Holdco and seeking a new CEO to replace the retirement of Teepa Wawatai.

· Waiapu Restoration – Phase 2 is underway including: expanded workstreams; more parties involved; and a wider scope of operations.

– – –

Barry Soutar
Tel: +64 (0)21 613 479
Email: barry.soutar@piata.co.nz

– – –

Disclaimer: This information is provided by a Trustee of TRONPnui, it is not necessarily the views and positions of Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou or any of its subsidiaries, trustees or staff.

Kia Hiwa Rā! Hapū Trust calls for Expressions of Interest

photo 5

I roto i nga tini ahuatanga o te wa, otira, ratou kua huri ki tua o te arai tukua o tatau mate kia moe mai ra. Ki a tatou nga kanohi ora e tu tangata ki tenei ao, tena tatou. Tihei Mauri Ora!

Hikurangi Takiwā Trust has put out a call for Expressions of Interest from individuals, companies and organisations interested in undertaking contracted work with the Trust on a number of health, education and environmental projects.

The Trust has three major projects it plans to implement over the next three years – one focused on Mātauranga-a-Hāpu, one on Auahi Kore Hapū and the other on environmental assessment, planning and action for the hapū.

The Trust has made a decision to contract for services rather than employ individuals, and any individual involved will be required to disclose a record of any criminal convictions. Expressions of Interest:

  1. General:
    1. Projects Management
    2. Trust Administration
    3. Financial Management
  2. Mātauranga:
    1. Coordination – Mātauranga Sample
    2. Archiving – Hapu Mātauranga Database
    3. Research – Takiwa Profile
    4. Communications Strategy
  3. Conservation:
    1. Environmental Planning
    2. GIS Mapping
  4. Auahi Kore:
    1. Social Media & Online Campaign Management
    2. Video Filming & Editing
    3. Project Evaluation

– – –

Download EOI Info Pack (PDF) here: HTT EOI Info Pack (PDF) | HTT EOI Info Pack (MS Word)

– – –

Expressions of Interest should be submitted by 5pm on 29th September 2014 to the email address: hikurangitakiwa@gmail.com as:

  • a Cover Letter of up to 800 words that includes the work of interest to the applicant, information on the applicant’s reasons for interest in the work, an overview of relevant experience and any other relevant information; and
  • a recent Curriculum Vitae for each person involved with the EOI and/or a Company Profile.

All EOIs will be considered in confidence by a panel of representatives appointed by the six pā and the panel’s recommendations will ratified by a meeting of the Trust.

Any questions about any or all EOI’s or the selection process should be sent to the email address above. All responses will be posted here on the Trust website.

Conservation funding to restore natural habitat of hapū estate

A collective of six marae on the East Coast is to receive funding to help restore ecosystems within their hapu.

The Hikurangi Takiwa Trust will receive $83,000 over three years from the Department of Conservation Community Conservation Partnership Fund for a restoration project “Tieki Te Taiao o Te Takiwa.” The project is focused on land blocks, waterways and communities around Whareponga, Hiruharama, Whakapaurangi and Makarika.

Hiruharama School students learn traditional trapping methods

This is a practical on-the-ground conservation project which will see a difference in their rohe (area), working together with other stakeholders says Conservation Partnership Manager, Ms De-Arne Sutherland. “This is an example of a hapu community-led project with support from DOC”

Ms Pia Pohatu, Environmental Researcher and Trustee says theTrust wants to progress environmental protection initiatives that restore natural habitat for plants and animals within their hapu. “The project provides an opportunity to focus efforts as kaitieki and links closely with the economic, cultural, health and educational priorities of our hapu.”

“A comprehensive assessment of the state of the environment within our hapu will be used to plan and prioritise restoration projects which add most value to the future well-being of the area and our whanau” says Ms Pohatu.

The Trust will work with landowners, marae and schools in the area supported by the Department of Conservation, Gisborne District Council, Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou and other agencies that hold relevant information about the area.

The project involves collating technical information such as land cover, climate, soil and water quality utilising Geographic Information System mapping to produce hapu-relevant maps and aids to better understand the hapu estate.

“We are very excited about this work and collaborating with Te Papa Atawhai , landowners and other organisations. It will strengthen our connections with our hapu lands and waters, and leave an improved environmental legacy that our children and grandchildren can continue to enhance” says Ms Pohatu.

Freshwater scientist Murray Palmer shows Makarika School students how to monitor water quality at the Makatote Stream.

Freshwater scientist Murray Palmer shows Makarika School students how to monitor water quality at the Makatote Stream.

In association with Maori Incorporations and ahuwhenua trusts, property owners and residents in the hapū area, a Hapū State of the Environment Report will be produced. The report will include recommended priority conservation projects for the next two years and the DOC funding will assist with this work.

This project is one of three East Coast applications successful in the first allocation for the new Community Conservation Partnership Fund.



  • Department of Conservation: De-Arne Sutherland, Conservation Partnerships Manager, Phone: (06) 8690460 or Mobile: (027) 491 8805
  • Hikurangi Takiwa Trust: Pia Pohatu, Trustee, Phone (021) 653 341, Email: pia@uritukuiho.org.nz


Background information

The Community Conservation Partnership Fund was announced in March this year and provides $26 million over the next four years to community organisations undertaking natural heritage and recreation projects. The Fund will support hundreds of projects on public and private land.

A full list of the successful applicants is available at here.

Hikurangi Takiwa Trust represents a collective of six marae within the Te Aitanga-a-Mate, Te Aowera and Te Whanau A Rakairoa hapu area on the East Coast.